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We are one of the most experienced TV aerial installation and repair companies in Calne. If you need a new digital TV aerial or you want to upgrade your existing aerial, we can help you.

As well as a new digital aerial, we will also provide all the fittings, brackets and equipment to ensure you get the best quality reception.

Aerial Installation in Calne

We have been installing and positioning satellite dishes and digital equipment in Calne for many years. Our experience allows us to install aerial systems with the minimum amount of visual and structural impact to the owners property and surrounding area.

All of our installers are fully trained and will always use the necessary safety equipment when installing an aerial.

We can also help to diagnose and resolve all manner of aerial and reception faults; from ghosting, pixelating of the screen, blocky images, and in worst cases, no signal being received at all, returning your system to its viewing best.

Calne TV Reception

The Calne mast is a public service broadcasting (PSB) transmitter serving Freeview Lite channels which can be picked up quite easily with a simple compact external aerial.

Depending on your exact location more channels may be a available from the Mendip Transmitter but the terrain of Calne and the surrounding hills can cause a problem with the signal. A large arial with a booster may be required.

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